What We Do

Simply put, we do whatever you need us to do.  Whether it's system setup, wireless networking, security audits, computer repair or website design & hosting; we are dedicated to providing professional-grade services to small business owners and the general public.  Just look at our testimonials!


The founder's career has spanned more than fifty years as a systems analyst, database programmer, retail computer store owner, consultant, tutor and web designer.

This unique background ensures that your needs will be well-understood and properly addressed.

How Can We Help You?

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Call or write if you have a computer-related issue that needs to be addressed.  We make house calls!

Even if we can't help, chances are we can point you in the direction of someone who can.


Safe and Secure Computing provides one-stop shopping for all your computer-service needs.

  • Virus & Spyware Removal.
    Our most-requested service involves the identification and removal of viruses and spyware.  Once it's cleaned, we help you keep it running at its peak level of performance.
  • Data Recovery Service.
    Whether due to a malware attack or faulty hardware, we are generally quite successful in recovering important documents from damaged computers.
  • Personal Shopper Service.
    Not clear what kind of equipment or software you need?  We can help you select the most cost effective solutions from a network of local vendors.  Since we don't sell anything but service, we have no allegiances or vested interest in the decisions you make.
  • System Setup.
    Need help setting up a new system, or transferring information from one computer to another?  No problem,  It's what we do!
  • Personal Tutoring.
    Would you like to know more about the equipment and programs you use?  We offer personal, one-on-one tutoring sessions geared to your learning pace and requirements.
  • Website Design & Hosting.
    With over fifty years of design and programming experience, we are equipped to handle your online needs.  We specialize in template-based websites that are attractive and effective while remaining affordable.
  • Online Ordering System for Restaurants.

    We can add online ordering to your restaurant website or facebook page.

Our Pledge

Safe and Secure Computing is dedicated to providing the same high level of support available to large corporations, but at a cost that is within the budget of most households and small businesses..

Our pledge is to offer on-site service at a fixed cost, quoted in advance.

We work hard to counter the stereotype of service agencies that prey on the fears of their clients.  We never charge to diagnose a problem, and if we can't help you, you won't be billed.

When we find the cause of a problem, you will be informed of the cost to resolve the issue.  Only after you have agreed, will work begin.  You will never be billed for more than the amount of the estimate, regardless of how long it takes to fix the problem.

Very occasionally, secondary issues may be identified that are not related to the initial reason for the call.  In such cases, you will again be informed of any additional charges, and you will be given the opportunity to authorize additional services.

Part of our service includes educating you on proper security procedures, to help prevent recurrences of problems.

J. H. on 2020-03-08 wrote:
Jack was prompt in first aranging an appointment and was able to schedule one quickly to meet both of our schedules. It was our first time meeting again in years (I had absolutely no computer problems during that time) and it was great to get re-acquainted.

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