Prior to December, 2010, I had no formal way of gauging my client's reactions to my services.  I assumed that happy clients would call me again, and unhappy clients would go elsewhere.  During those first five years in business, I received an occasional unsolicited "thank you" email, and after asking for permission from the sender, I added their stories to my "Testimonials" page.

Beginning in December 2010, I invited customers to complete an online "Customer Satisfaction Survey" after providing service.  As with most surveys of this type, response rates were not stellar.  However, for those customers who did respond, I now had a database of client reviews.

One of the items in the survey is an "essay" question, asking whether the client wishes to share any thoughts for publication on my website.  The instructions state that if the customer uses his or her surname within the message, I will publish the name with the review.  If the customer does NOT use his or her surname within the message, I will only identify that customer by his or her initials.

It is important to note that the vast majority of customers responding to the survey were very satisfied with the service they received (the overall score on the Testimonials page reflects ALL feedback).  However, the testimonial page only identifies respondents who chose to leave a comment for publication.

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