Overall satisfaction rating: 4.91 from 234 reviews. (Scale: 1-Poor, 2-Fair, 3-Good, 4-Very Good, 5-Excellent)

I want to thank those clients who have chosen to share their comments with the community at large.  The comments are shown anonymously, unless the author chose to reveal his or her name.

L. G. on 2022-02-18 wrote:
Incredible knowledge base. Able to decipher my amateur questions then provide a helpful response. This tech is a competent professional in every aspect of service delivery. Worth every $ charged and then some

E. Z. on 2020-03-15 wrote:
I have used this company and its services for many years. I try to solve my computer problems/issues on my own. When the problem is beyond my skills, I have no hesitation to call Safe and Secure Computing . I find the time spent with them brainstorming/problem solving to be worthwhile.

J. H. on 2020-03-08 wrote:
Jack was prompt in first aranging an appointment and was able to schedule one quickly to meet both of our schedules. It was our first time meeting again in years (I had absolutely no computer problems during that time) and it was great to get re-acquainted.

J. A. on 2020-01-18 wrote:
Any time I call about anything I have nothing but exalent service that is extraordinary

Anne Winograd on 2020-01-08 wrote:
Jack always responds as soon as he can. He works at an issue until he fixes it. I love his service and will continue to call anytime I have a computer/printer issue that I can't solve on my own. Thanks Jack!!! Anne Winograd

J. K. on 2020-01-08 wrote:
Professional and courteous!

Joanna Athan on 2019-10-22 wrote:
I can not ask for a better service .Service was quick and EXCELLENT I recommend to anyone. Joanna Athan

S. O. on 2019-06-21 wrote:
My work email on my PC would not accept emails or send emails and I was not able to reply to emails from my phone on my work email account. Jack fixed my work email account on both my PC and my phone and had me up & running in no time. I'm very grateful and appreciative of his knowledge!! Couldn't be more pleased to have my issues resolved so quickly!!!

Anne Boden on 2019-04-30 wrote:
It exceeded our expectations with a timely response, an immediate answer to our issue and electronic payment transfer. A very positive outcome. Much appreciated. Anne Boden

S. D. on 2019-03-17 wrote:
AS always, Jack was patient and listened to our questions and is very knowledgeable about computers and tv remotes. He spent a lot of time programming the new tv remote, which took considerable effort on his part. I am very pleased with the results of both the new hard drive upgrade and the tv remote upgrade. Jack is most definitely our tech guru; he makes each visit pleasant and one where we always learn something new. We will continue to utilize Jack's services for the foreseeable future; he gives us pertinent information and is always polite and respectful. We consider him a friend. Thanks for such great service!

R. D. on 2019-03-16 wrote:
I was blown away with how amazing Jack's customer service is . He truly cared for my business and did everything possible to make sure that I was satisfied.

S. D. on 2019-03-11 wrote:
Jack was as always respectful and listened to what we wanted our computer to do. He helped us make decisions as to upgrading our hard drive as well as our internet speed. We are very satisfied with the service and have utilized Jack's services on several occasions. W e always learn something new when Jack is here and I am always impressed with the extent of his expertise. He has guided us to better usage of our computer, as well as my e-reader and tablet. Jack is definitely our tech support guy!

M. C. on 2019-03-03 wrote:
The service received was timely and excellent, and all problems were satisfactorily resolved, or additional unnoticed situations when the original call for service was made were taken care of promptly and courteously. Thank you!

D. J. on 2019-02-10 wrote:
My email stopped working on my cell phone I tried everything to fix it but gave up. I called Jack E and told him what was going on and also that my 7 year old son is extremely ill with a stomach virus. Jack E drove all the way to my home...picked up the phone (left it in my mailbox) and a couple of hours later my phone was returned to my mailbox FIXED... this is what you call customer service to the max!!!!

E. S. on 2018-10-09 wrote:
I will share my comments personally with friends.

Brent Groh on 2018-10-03 wrote:
After working with a few less than desirable IT firms, we received a recommendation to try Safe and Secure Computing for our IT needs. This company has beena godsend and all of our worries have gone away. We are an internet based media company and we rely heavilly on the functionality of our websites and Word Press applications. Each and every time we have required help, Safe and Secure Computing has jumped on our issue and provided better than expected service. On top of that, their technician Jack, has gone beyond the call of duty and corrected issues that weren't even on our radar but most certainly of great concern once they were identified. Brent Groh Editor, National Rock Review

R. M. on 2018-09-21 wrote:
Jack is always willing to come to "fix" my computer and he always makes sure I understand what he does!!!I'd be lost without him!!

D. D. on 2018-09-21 wrote:
Job well done

Kathy Clifford on 2018-03-12 wrote:
I found Jack to be very.very kind and respectful.I turned to him because I have very limited computer skills and he explained my problems at a level at which I could understand what they were.He is a wizard and I will tell everyone about the outstanding service that he provided to me. Thank you so very much Jack =) Kathleen Clifford

E. G. on 2018-02-26 wrote:
Jack took a long time to address all the computer issues we were experiencing. He was patient, professional and very fair in his pricing. I am through wasting my time finding fly-by-night computer repair personnel on Kijiji, I will use Safe & Secure Computing for all my computer needs in the future.

R. L. on 2017-12-06 wrote:
Once again, Thank You so much! How great that I can get help in the middle of the night! RTL

Stan & Barbara Cunningham on 2017-11-27 wrote:
Safe and Secure Computing is the only computer service that we use and will continue to use. We have total confidence in Jack's service and competence. We recommend his service without qualification. Stanley and Barbara Cunningham

L. K. on 2017-11-07 wrote:
He identified problems I didn't recognize and fixed them! Courteous, helpful and professional - I'll call them any time, and pass the cards out to others,with my recommendation. Lillian K

L. S. on 2017-10-06 wrote:
Service was performed promptly. And I was very satisfied.

Jim Stein on 2017-05-11 wrote:
Jack went over and above the service. I definitely would call him again for any problems. Jim Stein

S. M. on 2017-05-07 wrote:
Jack is very helpful and clear in his explanations. I would recommend him highly.

H. D. on 2017-05-07 wrote:
The technician was friendly and communicative. He listened well. He explained what he was doing and why very well. He allowed me time to make notes and helped me make sure they were clear and accurate.

B. H. on 2016-11-02 wrote:
I was not aware of all the free software available. I probably save over $200 worth of software.

S. M. on 2016-10-26 wrote:
I was very pleased with the service and was very thankful to my friend for recommending it to me.

J. T. on 2016-10-26 wrote:
I was completely satisfied with the work done.

K. S. on 2016-10-12 wrote:
Jack ran a program on my computer ( not sure what it was for - possibly virus scan ) that took several hours to complete. He went home and called the next day to see how my computer was running. He also asked to come back at no charge to see for himself if everything was running smoothly. He was very caring about the job he did.

S. J. on 2016-09-10 wrote:
The technician was generous with his time and cleared up all issues. He made a return visit with no extra charge and made sure he dealt with all problems. He was efficient and knowledgeable. I felt very confident in his abilities and will certainly call him if I have a problem in the future.I highly recommend Safe and Secure Computing.

S. H. on 2016-09-07 wrote:
Terrific service and skill. Above and beyond expectations!

Dioscora Tay on 2016-01-13 wrote:
There were so many things that impressed us with Mr. Jack Eisenberg and the service we received. First of all he is very honest with everything , down to earth guy , and to name a few : very professional , accommodating , on time with the appointment which we do not see very often , very thorough, explaining to us the reason for our problem in words that we can understand , researching and suggesting the equipment needed , and even go an extra mile by calling our provider ( with our permission ) so that we can get the right service that will meet our needs/expectations and at the same time suits our budget. To us that is looking after customer's best interests. Thank you Mr Eisenberg , there is no doubt in our mind that if we need help you will be the first one we will call and will recommend to our families and friends. You are one of a kind . We need more people like you . A very happy customer. Cora Tay

S. M. on 2015-12-10 wrote:
Great service and very helpful. My computer is working much better and Jack was very helpful when I asked questions. I learned somethings I didn't know about my computer.

W.&.J. W. on 2015-05-27 wrote:
Service was superb.

L. L. on 2014-10-17 wrote:
very impressed with safe and secure computing's services. they were on time, knowledgeable and efficient. I was a very satisfied customer. LL

N. F. on 2014-09-05 wrote:
Outstanding service and totally professional. Extremely knowledgeable.

J. K. on 2014-08-30 wrote:
Safe and Secure technicians are knowledgeable,reliable and professional. When they leave, your computer problem leaves with them !!

S. S. on 2014-06-05 wrote:
Jack's patience with me was more than commendable! He repeats information with no hint of the frustration it must cause him to have to go over something more than one time. He is always on time, gets right to work and is congenial, knowledgable and precise in his instructions. I had to have a new system installed and his patience with me starting the learning process all over again was "saintly"! Thanks Jack!

A. W. on 2014-06-04 wrote:
Jack......you are the only computer technician who vacuums the customer's bedroom while waiting for a program to load.......amazing!!!!!

Amy Johnson on 2014-03-16 wrote:
Jack was a exceptional help to our organization. He explained everything, asked for input and kept us apprised as the project developed. He was kind, courteous and punctual. Thanks so much - this would not have happened without you!! Amy Johnson, Founder - Cuddles Clothing for Kids (www.cuddlesclothingforkids.org)

C. C. on 2014-02-23 wrote:
Seeing what anti virus system I had , he informed me that it was a slower system so he installed a faster one for me.

E.&.J. M. on 2014-02-09 wrote:
You were very polite and professional. I would definetly call you if I need more help. I am a slow learner and still have a few issues with using my Samsung Ipad. Not your fault. In the long run you were a great help. Perhaps I may need your attention again. Thanks for being patient with me. EMM

R. B. on 2013-11-14 wrote:
We were very satisfied and would quickly recommend your service to others

J. S. on 2013-10-29 wrote:
Before Jack repairing my computer, it would take a long time for me to open any page on the internet explorer and I even thought about buying a new one. But now, the speed of my computer is very fast and seemed like brand new!

G. H. on 2013-10-25 wrote:
The technician was very capable and adept at getting to the problem areas. He seemed to proceed in a very methodical fashion to explore the extent and damages to the computer. He was able to fix the situation and ensure it did not occur again. He was able to explain and teach me how to avoid getting into the previous problems. He worked in an excellent manner to repair the computer problems. I would definitely refer him to friends and relatives.

H. and S. D. on 2013-10-23 wrote:
Your technician visited our home on time, listened carefully to what we wanted out of our computer and related equipment and what we did not. Then he addressed the issues that we mutually agreed needed addressing and after only three hours our virus protection, computer speed, screen arrangements, among other things, went from dysfunctional to fully functional. We went from being stuck on everything to being able to do most of what we wanted to do in only three hours. We will be having him back again to work with us on getting the most out of many other features that were less urgent to us, like scanning. We cannot begin to convey how much progress he made with us and what a good listener and teacher he is.

M. T. on 2013-10-23 wrote:
Thank you Jack. You came quickly and resolved the issue at hand in record time. I recommend everyone call Jack at the first sign of trouble.

Mary Ann Charron on 2013-09-28 wrote:
Jack spent a lot of time making sure everything was working fine on both of our computers, It is not always easy when you deal with someone who is computer illiterate, but he did a good job to explain what he was doing. Thankyou Jack. Sincerely MaryAnn Charron

F. K. on 2013-08-22 wrote:
I have used Jack Eisenberg several times in the past years and have always found him very responsive to my needs and timing issues, and very competent in understanding and getting about resolving the problems. I've recommended him in the past and plan to continue to do so.

Franca Conciatori on 2013-08-14 wrote:
I always feel very confident with the work performed when I call Jack. He is very knowledgeable in his field and explains things very clearly. We have had many issues with our computers throughout the last few years and he always managed to resolve all issues regardless of how extreme they seemed to us. I would definitely recommend Jack to anybody requiring help with their computers!!! Franca Conciatori

T. T. on 2013-06-20 wrote:
received a few follow up calls to make sure everything was functioning properly

Sharon Mock on 2013-06-12 wrote:
Safe and Secure Computing offered outstanding service, that was provided by an outstanding technician, executed with outstanding efficiency, in an outstanding time frame, all for an outstanding price. It simply can't get any better than that ! Sharon Mock

C. J. on 2013-06-11 wrote:
Jack really knows his stuff and is the man to call when you need assistance with your programs or installation. The service is efficient, affordable, and reliable.

S. M. on 2013-06-10 wrote:
I bought a new laptop and router and needed Jack's expertise in setting everything up for me. Was very satisfied with his service.

Renee Burridge on 2013-06-10 wrote:
You invited my husband and me into your own home, when we had difficulty finding a convenient place supplied with WiFi for my new Tablet, until we could have it installed in our home also by you, Thank you Jack and your wife Laurie for all your help. Renee Burridge

E. S. on 2013-06-10 wrote:
I was very pleased with the services provided. Not only was the problem solved but I was given instruction on other features on my computer which were new to me.

Sharon Johnston on 2013-05-26 wrote:
This service as a whole was extraordinary. I was introduced to programs that are phenomenal and all my issues were resolve. I gained a great deal of knowledge in the process. I highly recommend safe and secure computing. Sharon Johnston

L.&.C. S. on 2013-05-23 wrote:
All my concerns were dealt with and my expected results were surpassed. leo

J. K. on 2013-05-23 wrote:
Jack is both knowledgeable and professional. He attempts to help you understand the problem that you asked him to resolve and gives you tips on helping to ensure it doesn't happen again.I highly recommend his service. I recently referred a friend of mine to Jack who was most impressed with his work and with his fee for service.

Hershel Teich on 2013-04-10 wrote:
Since you provided me with software to protect my computer, it has withstood attempts by hackers. I am grateful beyond words. God bless you! You can quote me to others who may benefit from your services. Hershel Teich

C.&.V. Z. on 2013-03-28 wrote:
Service is always prompt, courteous, all service is explained carefully in language I understand.This is appreciated very much.

M.A. C. on 2013-02-21 wrote:
not many service people will take a customer to purchase parts, I appreciated everything Jack did for us, as far as we were concerned he went over & above what most service people would do & we do really appreciate what he did for us.

Mary Beland on 2013-02-12 wrote:
I have always been satisfied with Safe and Secure services and advice. Mary Beland

D. A. on 2013-02-08 wrote:
I was very pleased about the time frame in which it took to fix and return my computer to operating status. I plan to use this company again for additional needs and have already recommended them to a family member. I have very little knowledge of computers. I appreciated Jack's professionalism and expertise. He was very appropriate in my home and answered all of my questions with a thorough explanation.

B. D. on 2013-01-27 wrote:
We were very satisfied with all the work he did

S. M. on 2013-01-25 wrote:
Outstanding service. Outstanding serviceman. Outstanding technical work.

Y. B. on 2013-01-24 wrote:
Thank you for your service.

Elaine Lajoie on 2013-01-24 wrote:
The technician is always very courteous and asks questions regarding the issues at hand. He is always on time and is able to take care of any issues I may have at the time. I certainly would recommend his expertise to friends and family and would guarantee his knowledge regarding any computer assistance. Sincerely, Elaine Lajoie.

R. M. on 2013-01-23 wrote:
I cannot sing the praises of Jack who was so kind and most knowledgeable about the computer and laptop--they have never worked better and I have never been so pleased!!

H. T. on 2012-12-02 wrote:
the service was excellent,the price fair, the attitude was superb

G. S. on 2012-10-19 wrote:
i was extremely impressed with the time and effort that jack provided!!!!!

K. G. on 2012-08-01 wrote:
Jack is the very best at what he does. I never feel afraid to ask him any question and he treats me with the utmost respect.

S. C. on 2012-07-30 wrote:
Safe and Secure Computing is the best computer service I have ever employed. I use and will use no other.

Robert Davis on 2012-07-14 wrote:
This is the second time I have used this company and both times service has been on time quoted.I would definitely recommend using this company for computing problems. Bob Davis

Jacques Paradis on 2012-07-12 wrote:
Good job. Thank you. Jacques Paradis

K. C. on 2012-07-12 wrote:
I can't say enough about Safe and Secure Computing. Jack goes over and above what other companies have offered which makes his company far better than any that I have ever worked with in the past. I would highly recommend Safe and Secure and in fact DO recommend him to anyone that has ever mentioned that they have computer issues. Word of mouth is by far better than anything written. If ever anyone would like to ask me, please feel free to contact Kelly at Fiesta Flowers, Windsor.

C. I. on 2012-07-11 wrote:
Safe and Secure Computing is an excellent resource for anyone having computer problems. My issues were attended to immediately and were corrected immediately. I also learned that it is important to perform preventative maintenance on your computer at least once per year. This helps keep the computer running fast and efficient. Jack is very knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. His goal was to ensure I was totally satisfied with his work, and I was.

Elaine Lajoie on 2012-07-11 wrote:
Jack has outstanding knowledge regarding computer problems encountered by home users. I trust him and know that everything that can be done will be done and more. He asks questions that I would not think to ask, and resolves those issues for me. I know I can call him at any time I have any problems with my computer and he will be able to solve any of the issues in one day. I rate him with the highest of praise in this survey. Elaine Lajoie

D. J. on 2012-06-18 wrote:
i appreciate the fact that the technican came out immediately to help me so i did not lose a day's work..he also cared about all my concerns and added new features to my computer to help protect it in the future.

S. K. on 2012-05-09 wrote:
courteous, pleasant, knowledgeable and with much patience eradicated all viruses and got me up and running on line again.

B. W. on 2012-01-13 wrote:
As always, the service from Jack was the best!

N. F. on 2012-01-13 wrote:
The technician was extremely knowledgable.

John Newey on 2012-01-13 wrote:
Jack again did a great job and is a true pro at his profession. Got my new pc up & running and installed external backup drive for the pc and my other two computers. He also spent time recovering passwords and installing some handy features on all three computers. All I can say is I'd recommend Safe and Secure Computing to everyone with PC problems. John Newey

F. K. on 2011-12-13 wrote:
All aspects of the service call were handled outstandingly. Jack answered the call immediately, scheduled a visit for an hour from that time, showed up promptly, was able to jump right on the problem as these security issues are clearly an area of his expertise, finished the work completely, even doing some extra maintenance things that needed to be done that I hadn't done. Complete satisfaction with his effort.

B. W. on 2011-12-13 wrote:
Jack did an outstanding job as always!

Howard Spinner on 2011-12-07 wrote:
Jack is a great technician and got right to the problem areas. His advice is smart and useful. My computer never ran so well. I would be happy to recommend Jack for any of your computer problems. Howard Spinner 519-252-8329

F. P. on 2011-11-27 wrote:
it's always a pleasure to see jack eisenberg i have all the confidence in him and know he will always solve my problems he's a wonderful person

K. and F. C. on 2011-11-17 wrote:
I couldn't ask for someone more qualified and experienced to do the work necessary here at our office. I would strongly recommend Jack to anyone needing computer assistance. His overall work ethic and manner in which he carries himself and his company is outstanding. We couldn't be more happy with Safe and Secure computing and Jack himself. Keep up the great work Jack.

J. M. on 2011-11-16 wrote:
a whole new world of the internet and web sales was opened up to me in a way that i could navigate and understand thanks to jack and michael

B. W. on 2011-10-14 wrote:
Jack is extremely dedicated and always responds to my requests for service in a prompt and timely manner.

Elaine Lajoie on 2011-10-13 wrote:
I was in a lot of trouble and a cable company tech gave me your phone number. You answered and it was late but you came right away. You spent hours to clean up almost everything that I could possibly conceive. I am glad to tell anyone who needs computer service that you are The Man. Sincerely, Elaine Lajoie

A. W. on 2011-10-13 wrote:
Mr.Eisenberg worked at the problem until it wasn't a problem anymore....that was what was important to me.

M. B. on 2011-10-06 wrote:
Outstanding service and professionalism

F. G. on 2011-09-12 wrote:
The service was excellent. For someone who is not computer literate the help was at an understandable level.

S. T. on 2011-09-08 wrote:
The service is always prompt and satisfactory.

F. P. on 2011-09-07 wrote:
we have always appreciated having jack service our computer. he is especially pleasant helpful and informative the world would be a nicer place if there were more people like jack.

J. B. on 2011-08-25 wrote:
The technician responded very quickly to my concerns and was very empathetic.

M. T. on 2011-08-03 wrote:
Jack is knowledgeable, courteous, attentive to detail and very eager to please. He agreed to teach some advanced mySQL edit, backup and restore functions. The lesson took about four hours and I knew what Jack had shared without hesitation by the end of our session. I would not hesitate to recommend Jack to anyone. In fact you should call Jack before serious trouble strikes as I have done. Prevention is far less costly and aggravating than complete disaster. Good luck Jack. Those who know you, can understand best what I have shared. michael - the chinatown wiki project

Karen Gunby on 2011-07-16 wrote:
Jack Is a very knowledgeable computer expert. I feel very confident in entrusting my computer to him to fix for me. I would most certainly recommend him to any one who requires work to be done on their computer. Karen Gunby Windsor, ON

N. F. on 2011-07-11 wrote:
The technician was very knowledgeable and the program was checked and rechecked and no further calls were needed

C. N. on 2011-05-10 wrote:
Jack was professional and courteous, knowledgeable and persistent in making sure the job was done right. Thank you!

K. C. on 2011-04-23 wrote:
From the time that we called until the time all work was completed, the service was nothing less than outstanding. Jack was very prompt and respectful of our business as service was provided on site. We would highly recommend Safe and Secure Computing to anyone. Fiesta Flowers & Gifts, Windsor

J. N. on 2011-04-15 wrote:
Jack has done work on my PC and Laptop a number of times before and has always conducted himself in a professional manner. His work is excellent, rates are really good and explains problems fully. My one and only choice for Computing Problems is to call " Safe and Secure Computing".

D. M. on 2011-04-13 wrote:
I am a neophyte when it comes to computers and you have always explained the problem to me and asked questions to better understand my "English" as compared to "Computerese" which I don't understand.

Robert Davis on 2011-04-11 wrote:
Ifound the company to be knowledgeable,courteous and helpful in what my problems were with my computer and would have no problems recommending them to my friends. Bob Davis

B. M. on 2011-04-11 wrote:
Really appreciate how quickly you responded to my call!

M.E. R. on 2011-04-05 wrote:
The technician was very knowledgeable, patient and attentive. He answered all my questions and completely cleaned up my computer and set me up so that I can enjoy it to a much deeper degree. I appreciate that after I left a voice message, the call was returned the same day and he came out an hour later to take care of me. I will recommend this service to anyone that I know.

A. G. on 2011-04-05 wrote:
I have used Safe and Secure in the past and always get more than I ask for. I have never had to have a recall for any issue or installation.

R. L. on 2011-03-25 wrote:
We are repeat customers because of the wealth of knowledge and ability Jack has to fix problems that have stymied other computer services we have used in the past. No one I'd trust more with my data.

S. C. on 2011-02-10 wrote:
Jack has assisted me in the past in purchasing a computer, installing it and getting me connected to the internet, helping with a number of operating issues, and, most recently, helping me to secure full operating capacity on the wireless at my winter-vacation spot in Florida. I rely upon him with complete trust and confidence...and satisfaction. Others, I believe, would have charged me more for these services. At the same time, Jack has been very patient with my very limited computer savvy (if I can call it that). Jack is a credit to his profession, and I strongly recommend Safe and Secure Computing without reservation.

Z. P. on 2011-02-01 wrote:
Safe and secure is wonderful. Jack is always helpful and provides excellent customer service. He fixes the problems the first time and gives a heads up on fixing it ourselves the next time. His suggestions are always valid and have kept our 10 year old computer working over the last two years. He is also great for new products too, having just received excellent service on setting up our new laptop, saved us some $$ and more. Thanks Jack!

Jackie McCreary on 2011-01-22 wrote:
Jack responded to my call immediately, was able to solve my computer problem and was flexible in terms of me paying the bill until knowing absolutely for sure that the problem was fixed. As well as speaking to me in simple terms and with respect he also was willing to come to the house at a late hour to service the computer. In conclusion, he goes above and beyond the "call of duty"! Thanks, Jackie McCreary

L. J. on 2011-01-20 wrote:
prompt attention and visit to take cafe of the problem

S. T. on 2011-01-20 wrote:
All aspects of this service are exemplary but the speed of Jack's initial response and subsequent home service appointment always impress me.

R. L. on 2011-01-11 wrote:
On a previous appointment the technician was open to fixing any problem we had with any of our computers, even though I had called about a specific problem. So good to know I have a service I can trust!

R. D. on 2011-01-08 wrote:
I would only ever trust Jack with ALL of my computer needs (He's the best)!

M. B. on 2011-01-08 wrote:
The service provided by Safe and Secure Computing is excellent. Jack is very patient and helpful.

D. W. on 2011-01-02 wrote:
I use my computer to earn my living, and when it's not functioning properly, it's a pretty scary feeling. I called Safe and Secure Computing, and a technician came the same day and not only fixed the problem, but gave timely advice on how to avoid problems in the future. Thanks for making me feel like I have a safe and secure computer!

R. G. on 2010-12-14 wrote:
I was so surprised when I called to get service that in an hour Jack was at my house. He did a great job and my computer is working perfect now.

M. H. on 2010-12-09 wrote:
The service was quick and instructions were easy to understand. The Technician made the learning easy and understandable.

Carole Greene on 2009-04-30 wrote:
Jack's availability to answer questions and talk you through a do-it-yourself handling of your problem is unprecedented in the computer guru business. Instead of working ONLY to benefit his revenue, he genuinely wants to help. His ethical attitude forges a bond so that the next time I need any service he can provide, I contact him in a nanosecond. And gratefully pay him for his time and expertise! Carole Greene

E. R. on 2008-09-18 wrote:
Jack set up our new computer, recommended Firefox for better security, and installed a device that allowed us to use only one keyboard, mouse, and screen. He also installed a backup drive and set up the backup software. Also, Jack calls us to warn of serious security risks to make sure we stay safe.

S. F. on 2008-09-16 wrote:
We bought a new computer and needed to move everything over. Unfortunately, we didn't have all our original program disks, so there were complications. Jack figured out a way to get everything over and working without having to find our disks; and even came back a couple of times afterward to verify that everything was working properly.

B. F. on 2008-09-14 wrote:
This isn't the first time Jack has had to remove serious viruses from my computer. And yet, he never talks down to me, or scolds me for visiting the types of websites that can damage my computer. He always is courteous and responds very quickly to my calls for assistance.

C. G. on 2007-10-27 wrote:
I am one of those people -- and we are legion -- who wants the computer to work as a tool any time and every time I turn it on. I don't want to know how or why it works; I just want it to do what it's supposed to do. When it doesn't, I turn to my go-to guy, Jack at Safe-and-Secure-Computing. He knows all the technical stuff so I don't have to. He always understands exactly what I need. His rates are customer-friendly, as are his explanations. I advise you to make him YOUR go-to guy for all your computing technology needs. C.J.G.

B. T. on 2007-09-26 wrote:
It is a pleasure to deal with someone who is both competent AND ethical. There are a lot of technicians out there, but very few who don't consider themselves done until the customer is happy. Computers can be quirky with lots of variables affecting their operation. Jack Eisenberg will keep coming back and will stay until the job is done and he will not keep charging you if it the same job. That is a guarantee almost unheard of today, We are happy to have a person that we trust work on our computer.

L. Z. on 2006-12-21 wrote:
Jack is my brother and I live in Toronto. Jack doesn't service the Toronto area, but for me, he hopped on a train and came right down. That's the kind of dedication he shows all his customers.

A.M. G. on 2006-06-25 wrote:
I called with the intention of having Jack recommend a replacement for my old, slow computer. But, it turns out the computer was fine after all the viruses and junk was cleared out. It saved me having to buy a new computer and transfer everything over.

R. S. on 2006-03-01 wrote:
I met Jack at my small business development training program and decided to call him the day before my grand opening when my computers weren't working. Jack really helped by doing lots more than I had asked for, and charging nothing for the extra work. And I was pleased that Jack attended my grand opening the next day, despite a long night of working on my computers.

G. K. on 2006-02-08 wrote:
Jack immediately identified the problem and wouldn't have charged for the call; but we also had him update some programs while he was there. He saved us buying equipment we didn't really need.

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